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imalumberjack27 ([personal profile] imalumberjack27) wrote2008-09-18 03:58 pm

AHHHHH Pete, you crazy fucker.

Stop scaring me when all I want to do is check something on, k?

ANYWAY, I have to head to my next class in a bit. My mom's birthday present came in the mail so I shall give that to her this weekend. I got her The Book of General Ignorance and A Bit of Fry and Laurie: Series One . I think she'll like it. She let me know that my shirt finally came in so I have something to look forward to this weekend (besides seeing Em & Cassie).

Okay, class time, with a quiz. Bleh. Oh, and I think I'm going to the Lit Society Poetry Slam tonight in Starbucks since I don't have a ton of reading to do tonight. Besides, I want me some tazo tea, mmmmm.

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alright, just really have to say, LMAO @ pete! xD seriously, when i saw that i just laughed hysterics. xD

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The Pete is stalking you! D:
Oh, and you paint your black as well?

I want to be your mum.
Er, well, obviously just because of the presents you got her. XD

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Slightly belated, but I just died of laughter. Perhaps it's the lack of sleep. >>